Welcome to Oliver James Fans. This website is here to respectfully support Oliver. We have over 300 pictures of Oliver from his various rolls. Oliver's upcoming movies, projects, his fan mail address, and much more. Enjoy! :)

Our Mission...

Oliver James is an amazingly talented actor, musician, and songwriter. Oliver has starred in many major motion pictures, TV series, and short films, as well as making a few guest appearances on popular TV shows like RI:SE. Unforuontly over the years Oliver has kinda slipped under the radar, leaving his fans with no up-to-date source of information about Oliver and his upcoming movies and projects. Many of Oliver's fans know him best, from his role as Ian Wallace in the movie "What a Girl Wants" that premiered in 2003. As well as his role as Jay Corgan in the movie "Raise Your Voice" that premiered in 2004. Upon speaking with a few of Oliver's fans I have noticed that almost all of them only remember Oliver from his roles in "What a Girl Wants" and "Raise Your Voice" and a majority of them did not know his age today, 17, 19, 20, and 24 were just a few of guess his fans were telling me. They thought he was the same age as when he starred in WAGW and RYV. They were reading and trusting information about him that was from 2003/2004. They were shocked when I told them his age and that he has done a movie and a few TV shows after WAGW and RYV. So what I and the whole Oliver James Fans team is trying to do is to inform Oliver's fans from 2003/2004 and let them know that Oliver is still starring in movies, and TV series. So all of his fans will have the correct and up-to-date information about Oliver and to help Oliver get popular again, as well as supporting Oliver and making sure he gets full recognition for all of the amazing work he has done and is still doing. Oliver James Hutson has a god given gift of acting and his beautiful voice and songwriting abilities. Oliver should never and will never be out of the lime light. His massive amounts of talent and his humble, kind, and caring attitude will ensure he will be a star long after his last movie. Oliver has billions of fans who just don't know what he is currently working on. We feel once Oliver's fans start to get more informed on his current projects we will be seeing a lot more of him in the near future! 

About the creator...


And this is why we created Oliver James Fans!


Hey I'm Kayla. I have been a fan of Oliver since I first saw him in "What a Girl Wants", I fell in love with his amazing voice, his unbelievable acting skills, and his good looks. And when I found out that "What a Girl Wants" was his first big screen movie, I was so impressed. My mom took me to the premier of "What a Girl Wants" in NYC, but being the 8 year old that I was, I was too short to really see anything. I even traveled to a mall where he was signing pictures. I was so happy when I met him, you have no idea. That was the first time that I really was a huge fan of a person and I got to meet them face to face. I still remember after these 8 long years, his smile and what he said to me, and how nice and genuine he was to everyone he met. So as any 8 year old fan would do, I looked him up on the internet but sadly I did not find that much. But then about a year later "Raise Your Voice" came out, I was so excited!  I fell in love with him all over again. But after "Raise Your Voice" he was really not doing to much in the U.S., and he kinda slipped into the back of my mind. I was growing up and listening to some new bands. But I never took Oliver's pictures off my bedroom wall. When I was about 13 years old I became a fan of a new boy band called the "The Jonas Brothers", I went to their concerts and met them and all that, but I new something was missing, when I met the Jonas Boy's, I never even got close to how I felt when I met Oliver. I new I had to met him again and this time actually have a nice conversation with him, me being older now and not saying stupid stuff like " I like your hair." or "your really cute." But I had no idea how I was going to do that when Oliver was living in England. I could not really have drove from Jersey to England, there is like an ocean between us. So I search the web for his fan mail address. I thought I hit the jackpot when I went to IMDB.com and they had it, so I sent a letter to Oliver's fan mail address hoping I would receive a reply. The site said please wait 2 to 3 months for a reply. But in less than a month I received the letter that I sent, back. They had attached a letter that said this is not Oliver James current fan mail address. I was so sad. So I pretty much gave up, still not forgetting about Oliver, and went on with my life until about a year ago when I was watching "Raise Your Voice", and I thought to myself, I am 16 now and I should be able to dig on the web to find his new fan mail address, pictures, information, and hopefully up coming movies. I hit gold. I found his real and current fan mail address, his Myspace where he has been posting new and updated pictures, video, and his new music, and I found out that his new movie "Without a Paddle: Natures Calling" was coming out on dvd in 2 weeks. It was like fate. As I was searching for info about him I realized that lots of his fans were wondering things like if he had a twitter, Myspace, Facebook etc., what his fan mail address is, how old is he now, does he still live in the U.S., recent pictures and movies. So thats why I made this website. For all his fan to connect, share information, and for his fans to know whats going on, and to see recent pictures of him, videos, etc. I also created a twitter called @oliverjamesfans to inform all his fans whats up with him. I currently live in California and I am still waiting to meet Oliver again for real this time. I hope you enjoy this website and find all the information you are looking for.